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Some political rant

I received my voting documents today and I really don’t know who to vote for. There are almost thirty parties with at least five people who want to help to run this country but so little information about each of them. I like our political system, really, I do. The people here in Switzerland are able to say what they want, we get asked about a lot of things. But on the other side I think it’s dangerous, because voting is kind of complicated and especially the explanations of the topics we vote are hard to understand and that holds back a lot of young people. Around 30% of the people between 18 and 30 vote (I don’t know if I’m 100% right) and that’s not enough. Our country is at the moment in danger to slide into a xenophobic and stubborn political state. What is it with people aged 40+ who vote against decommissioning nuclear power stations within the next fourty years? They won’t be affected that much by it anymore and most of them don’t even have real arguments. They just don’t want any change because “until now, it worked…”. Yes, thank you very much.

I wished that more young people would begin to vote and that older people would begin to listen to the younger ones and would think twice before they vote against something good just because they’re lazy and too stubborn to change something. In the last four or five years I have been more and more disappointed in Switzerland. I hope it opens up a little and gets away from its egoistic political direction against everything that concerns foreign things. Because I’m getting sick of it and I’m not a “proud patriot”, as our biggest (and almost most stupid) party likes to mention. I’m sick of these people who say “I’m not Swiss, everyone can be Swiss these days, I’m a confederate”, I’m sick of the party with the slogan “Vote for us so you don’t need to feel strange in your own country and your children aren’t the only Swiss in class!” - as if -, our country isn’t in any danger, but they pretend so and I’m so fed up with all this conservative shit. And I feel more and more ashamed to live here.

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